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Team AnandTech Map


  • To view the map, you must have the MapGuide Plugin installed on your system to view the map (about 2.5MB). If you are using IE, you can simply view the map, and the plugin will autoinstall.
  • To be shown on the map, you must register at Team AnandTech. Once you have your login information, you need to edit your profile to add your Latitude and Longitude (note that in the Western Hemisphere, which includes North and South America, your Longitude is a negative number).
  • View Map!

What can you do on the map?

Copy to Clipboard Copy - puts the current view onto the clipboard
  Select - returns to the pointer tool
Pan Pan - click and drag to move around the map
Zoom In Zoom In - click once to zoom in by a factor of two, or drag a box to zoom to an area
Zoom Out Zoom Out - click to zoom out by a factor of two
  Zoom Previous - returns to the previously zoomed window
Zoom GoTo Zoom Goto - dialog box to zoom to a specific location
Unzoom Unzoom - zoom to the full map extents (show the world)
Show Report Report - when map objects are selected, the report button becomes active, and by clicking it, you will be able to get further details on selected objects
Stop Map Stop - when map is busy, you can stop it before it has completed downloading information
  • You can double click on a member's icon to view their profile
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