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Welcome to the Team AnandTech website!

AnandTech readers have joined the computational power of everything from 386's to eight-way Xeons to form one of the world's most powerful virtual supercomputers. We're working on a variety of public distributed-computing challenges, and we welcome you to download one of the clients and give it a try!

"Distributed computing" allows computers to solve large-scale computational problems together. The distributed-computing clients are designed to run as Taskbar icons or screensavers, making them a no-hassle way to participate. The clients download work units, process them in the background during the computer's idle time, and send them in when they're completed.

Participants get daily and real-time statistics updates on their computers' output, and the team statistics are worth checking too! The AnandTech team vies with powerful rival teams in all of the major projects we're doing, so we would like to see more participants!

For the lowdown on trying a project, our FAQ's will get you started. The recent AnandTech article gives in-depth rundowns of each major project, too.

If you'd like to ask some questions, drop by the AnandTech Distributed-Computing Forum and post a new thread. We are the friendliest forum around, so don't be shy... newbies are welcome! Or drop by the Team AnandTech IRC channel for some live Q & A with Team AnandTech members from all over the world. We hope to see you onboard soon!

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